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Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management System is an integrated system designed to improve the quality and management of clinical care and health care organizations.

Hospital Administration Software empowers you to

Robust Design
The application will be designed with easy to use, user-friendly interface as the front end and access/SQL as the back end. This gives the most robust design. The entire data is stored and managed in one database.

Most Economical & Secure Configuration
This being a client server application the entire data is stored on one server. The hospital can acquire the most economically priced computers for the front end as they don't need any drives or software to run. A minimal RAM is required. The savings are phenomenal. The system becomes absolutely secure as no data resides on the clients. The moment a user sign's off the node becomes a dud box.

Physical Security
The system lends itself to physical security because there is only one server to protect.

Data Security
All the data resides on the server. The client has only adequate software to run a client end application. Each user has privileges granted to him/her by the administrator. He may use the system only after logging in and that too only to the extent that is needed by him and allowed to him. This ensures the information is available on a need to know basis. The software is so designed that it protects the system. Once a user has logged out that node cannot provide any information to anyone.

Totally Paperless Automation
From the time the patient presents himself at the reception desk to the time he is discharged, every activity is recorded through a computer node on to the server. The same information about him, when needed is retrieved through a node from the server. There is no paper trail.

A Wizard for the Doctor
The system is a complete wizard for a doctor. Anything that needs to be done for, or to a patient can be ordered, planned and executed from the desktop of the examining doctor, No complicated training is required to use the software. Everything is self-explanatory.

At the click of a button a doctor can
  • Order any kind of investigation
  • Read the results of any kind of investigation
  • Read entire clinical history
  • Prescribe medicines
  • Enter charges

Automated Reception
The reception is divided into two basic modules. One deals with registration of new patients and the other deals with providing help to the visitors.

Reception is completely computerized and deals with
  • Inpatient and outpatient registration and admission
  • Bed allocation
  • Provide complete information about a patient to authorized visitors
  • Provide information regarding package deals for a patient for a fixed cost including company-sponsored packages
  • Provide ready information about doctors
  • Provide bills and reports to patients
  • Allocate expenses

Readiness of the Product
The ready to dispatch “Hospital Management System” comes with the following functions
  • System administration
  • Help desk
  • Patient Registration
  • Doctor Registration
  • Company Registration
  • Item Master
  • Bed Management
  • Billing
  • Reports
All the above modules are ready in our product but we believe that every hospital is unique and has its own peculiar functioning procedures and methodologies. It is therefore necessary to develop software to cater to these requirements. Accordingly our programmer will study the requirements, analyze them and then proceed to design or customize the existing module.

Apart from the above features we will also customize the applications for any other features that your Hospital may require like:
  • Check the availability of blood in the blood bank for an operation
  • Book an OT with entire staff and equipment for an operation
  • Chat with a surgeon to ask him to execute a surgery
  • Ask the opinion of another doctor on the case
  • Health Cards, Insurance
  • Queue management etc

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