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Life at Arete - in Areteians words

Arete is power house.
Power of Knowledge.
Power of Enthusiasm.
Power of Skills.
When few highly qualified and experienced people get together then it results in “Arete” products means Quality products.

Nazneen Rajguru (Chief Technology Officer)

"What excites me about Arete is its open environment and dynamic, high-energy, focused teams. This open environment fosters an open exchange of ideas, opinions, concerns and critiques; this provides a real platform for anyone at Arete to make a positive impact, both at personal and team levels. I feel proud to be part of a highly effective team that thrives on challenges and never says 'never'.

The empowerment to do the Job was the best I could find among the industry. Management had played a major role in shaping up my career and personality at Arete. Management was honing up my client and people handling skills and my technical skills. I feel like a polished double-edged sword.

Arete Technologies treats every relationship with open honesty and respect, whether it is with the staff or a client. Arete Technologies is not just another service company. The experience, commitment, and quality show throughout every relationship with the entire Arete Technologies firm.

Ex-Areteian - Dipti Vyas (General Manager)

The work culture is indeed very friendly and we work as a well knitted family and live upto our name of delivering quality, perfection & excellence. We value business ethics and moral values, as well as there is a humane approach to employees problems and Arete strives to bring smile and satisfaction in the minds and hearts of every employees @ the end of the day.

100% job satisfaction and un ending challenges by giving full exposure to new areas and avenues of business exploration is guaranteed at Arete for each and every employee. Most important Arete allows every new comer to settle down and offer entrepreneurial challenges to give his best to the organisation. Encourages participation in all aspects of growth and development of the organisation.

Arete gives an honest opinion and feedback about every employees performance irrespective of the positon one holds. A company that mould careers of beginners into a professional

We are proud to be an Areteian.

Ex-Areteian - Sourabh Das (Sr. Consultant - Projects)

Arete's core mission is built on developing home grown talent and helping us to reach the next level of our potential.

I jumped on board in June 16, 2008 to join a team of professionals that is truly committed to excellence. It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offers much opportunity for advancement. Leadership has been very supportive of my efforts and is always available to provide desired training or advice. I am motivated here at Arete to utilize my strengths and seek creative solutions.

Arete not only offers development to its employees, but shows appreciation towards them as well. The company provides bonuses, benefits, and holds company events to reward its employees. I truly appreciate all that I have learned from the fabulous people I've crossed paths with here. I am very proud to say that I am part of Team Arete.

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word -- excellence. I can say without a doubt, Arete is a better place for work with many opportunities, and a place to implement innovative ideas.

Ex-Areteian - Laxminarayanan (Business Development Officer)

Want to enjoy at your workplace .If your soul saying yes then join Arete technologies enjoy your work. we work here with total freedom.

I am here since April 2007 and I really enjoyed woking here. I have learnt a lot.from my seniors and juniors.totally friendly environment and pressure free working environment. For me, the benefit of working in Arete is the chance to learn.

I continue to grow and improve my technical and communication skills .I love the fact that the Arete culture empahasizes on learning. From my first day on the job as a software developer, I found I was learning more than I ever had in my field I still learn something new every day. It means so much to me that Arete really trusts my ability and creativity, and encourages me to tackle new projects that help me more confident in my work.The working environment is outstanding. My team has always been responsive and quick to help answer questions and solve problems. I have been very happy with all of the members of my company.

Ex-Areteian - Shyam Bisht (Sr.Programmer)

After my first interview with Arete Technologies, I knew immediately that this was the kind of company I wanted to work for.

I have only been employed by Arete Technologies for about 1/2 year, and I have been encouraged to share my thoughts, given ample opportunities to learn by working collaboratively with a great team, and I’ve felt empowered to make decisions. This makes me look forward to coming to work each day.

Great thinking Managing Director whom I trust to keep us moving forward and ahead of the competition.

Working with a company that encourages their employees to be creative and approachable is a great attribute for me. I enjoy a casual work environment that is fast-paced, positive and whose employees can smile even on a bad day.

But best of all, you're excited by your work.You enjoy it.You're passionate about it.You're proud of it. That really says a lot about the family orientated division I work for.

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