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Welcome to Arete’s Technology For All (TFA) Program
Microsoft Word 2007 Basics
Microsoft outlook and outlook express
Microsoft Excel
Tally Basic
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
File organizing and saving
Social media marketing
Small/Home Business
Children's Classes and Tutoring
Student’s Programs
Computer Repair & Maintainance

Arete introduces – Technology for all(TFA). Arete’s TFA is launched with the intention to empower one and all with the latest in technology. At TFA, We offer computer courses for adults, seniors, teenagers, and children, which include comprehensive training from basic to advanced computer skills. Our goal is to teach you what you need to know, using patient, experienced and friendly instructors. Not only that, TFA also offers long term coaching for helping students with their ‘computer application’ subject offered at school.
Increase your productivity with our training courses at our TFA location which is located at C 207, Floor 2, Tower 2, International Info Tech park, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400076. The office is conveniently located just above the railway station. We offer during the day and evening batches. Very soon we will be introducing weekend computer training sessions also. We have a comfortable work style environment unlike the age old classroom style. Our computer stations include high speed Desktops and Laptops running Windows 7, Vista, and XP. Our TFA centre also has a variety of peripheral equipment available for learning printing, scanning, Tablet use, and digital photography through its computer training courses.
We specialize in classes suitable for adults, seniors, teenagers, and children that are small in size with individual attention. We provide computer training classes for up to just 4 people at a time. All adult classes taken at the school are eligible for free retakes for life.
Our basic to advanced computer training curriculums are geared for those new to the computer as well as for those who wish to improve existing computer skills and to acquire skills for employment or specialized tasks. Computer Training subjects include: Computer basic class, Internet and Email, Web Design, Tally, digital cameras, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Photoshop, Illustrator, Web Programming and more.
For individuals seeking advanced instruction, we provide computer training courses in web design, Excel for Finance, database design, and software programming.

Our Courses

Awareness Courses
  • Basic Microsoft word
  • Basic Excel
  • Basic PowerPoint
  • Basic Tally
  • Basic Social Networking Media

What’s Popular
  • Social media marketing
  • Designer Basics
  • Photo shoots, editing and tricks (yes its all about photography)
  • Tech Gadgets (high end phones, tablet pc’s ipads, tech gizmos and more)
  • Hardware basics and trouble shooting

Group courses
  • Small/Home Business course (MS word, PowerPoint, excel, publisher, basics of Photoshop, Tally, Microsoft Outlook, Social Media Networking)
  • Designer (Basics of Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw)
  • Photographer’s special ( Photo shooting, tips and tricks, Portfolio making software, Publishing on Internet, Blogging your photo profile, Photo editing in photoshop)
  • Housewives special (Basic MS office, Internet, Email, File saving and organizing, Basic Hardware setup and trouble shooting, Tech gadgets)
  • Students (MS word, PowerPoint, excel, publisher, basics of Photoshop, plus school work’s)
  • Teenagers (Basics of Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw, HTML, Creating web pages)
  • Kids (Basics of computer, online games and studies)

Do you want to learn how to?
  • Type a Letter
  • Research Information
  • Computer Job Skills
  • Send/Receive an Email
  • Surf the Web
  • Use a Mouse
  • Download
  • Print a Photo
  • Digital Camera
  • Play a Game
  • Create a Household Budget
  • Remove Red-Eye
  • Resize & Crop Pictures
  • Mass Mailing
  • Keep a Calendar
  • Create a Presentation
  • Print a Businesscard
  • Buy & Sell on eBay
  • Create Invoices
  • Manage a lot of Information
  • Separate Colors
  • Draw 2D Pictures
  • Create Logos
  • Make a Website
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Microsoft Word 2007 Basics
Day & Time : Thursday & Friday: 11am-1:30pm or 5.00pm-7:30pm
Total Hours : 5-hour class
Software : Microsoft Office 2007
Price : Rs. 1,750/-
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Course Contents :
  1. Creating a Document
  2. Navigating in Your Document
  3. Working with Your Document
  4. Getting Help in Word
  5. The Quick Access Toolbar
  6. Ribbons and Chunks
  7. The Home Ribbon
  8. The Insert Ribbon
  9. The View Ribbon
  10. The Page Layout Ribbon
  11. The References Ribbon
  12. The Mailings Ribbon
  13. The Review Ribbon
  14. The Contextual Ribbons
  15. Create a New Document
  16. Selecting Text
  17. Moving Text
  18. Applying Advanced Text Effects
  19. Fonts on the Home Ribbon
  20. The Font Dialogue
  21. Using Tabs
  22. Paragraph Options
  23. Using Layouts and Views
  24. Basic Viewing Tools
  25. Advanced View Tools
  26. Using Print Preview
  27. Using Page Setup
  28. Printing a Document
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Microsoft outlook and outlook express
Day & Time : Thursday & Friday: 02:00pm-5:00pm
Total Hours : One 3-hour class
Software : Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express
Price : Rs. 1,000/-
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Course Contents :
  1. Getting Started
  2. Interacting with Outlook
  3. Working with Toolbars
  4. Working with Outlook
  5. Getting Help
  6. Receiving E-Mail
  7. Working with Messages
  8. The New Interface (Part 1)
  9. The New Interface (Part 2)
  10. Answering Mail
  11. Composing E-Mail
  12. Doing More with E-Mail
  13. Using the Drafts Folder
  14. The Calendar
  15. The Contacts Folder
  16. The Tasks Folder
  17. The Notes Folder
  18. The Journal Folder
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Microsoft Excel
Day & Time : Tuesday & Wednesday: 11am-1:30pm or 5.00pm-7:30pm
Total Hours : 5-hour class
Software : Microsoft Office - Excel 2007
Price : Rs. 1,750/-
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Course Contents :
  1. About Workbooks
  2. Exploring Workbooks
  3. Getting Help in Excel 2007
  4. The Quick Access Toolbar
  5. The Home Ribbon
  6. The Insert Ribbon
  7. The Page Layout Ribbon
  8. The Formula Ribbon
  9. The Data Ribbon
  10. The Review Ribbon
  11. Basic Excel Features
  12. Moving Your Data
  13. Smart Tags and Option Buttons
  14. Editing Tools
  15. Modifying Cells and Data
  16. Cell Formatting
  17. Enhancing a Worksheets Appearance
  18. Working with Charts
  19. Working with Charts Part 2
  20. Using the View Ribbon
  21. Managing a Single Window
  22. Managing Multiple Windows
  23. Printing your Workbook
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Tally Basic
Day & Time : Thursday & Fridays: 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Total Hours : One 3-hour class
Price : Rs. 1,000/-
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Course Contents :
  1. Setting up a Company
    1. Creating a company
    2. Using Chart of Accounts
  2. Invoicing
    1. Creating Product Invoices
    2. Setting up Service Items
  3. Processing Payments
    1. Receiving Payments for Invoices
    2. Making Deposits
    3. Printing Statements
  4. Entering and Paying Bills
    1. Handling Expenses
    2. Using Tally for Accounts Payable
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Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Day & Time : Monday: 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Total Hours : One 3-hour class
Price : Rs. 1,000/-
Software : Microsoft™ Office 2007
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Course Contents :
  1. Starting Out
  2. Slides
  3. Creating a Slide
  4. Working with a Presentation
  5. Getting Help in PowerPoint
  6. Using the Quick Access Toolbar
  7. The Home Ribbon
  8. The Insert Ribbon
  9. The Design Ribbon
  10. The Animations Ribbons
  11. The Slide Show Ribbon
  12. The Review Ribbon
  13. Placeholders
  14. Formatting a Slide
  15. Other Formatting Tools
  16. Managing Slides
  17. Formatting Text Using the Home Ribbon
  18. Formatting Text from the Fonts Dialogue Box
  19. Inserting Pre-Defined Text
  20. Using Paragraph Alignment
  21. Using Proofing Tools
  22. Using Print Preview
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File organizing and saving (Computer Basics)
Day & Time : Any two days of the week.(Monday to Friday) 10:00am to 11:30am
Total Hours : Two 1.5 Hr sessions
Software : Basics
Price : Rs. 1,000/-
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Course Contents :
File extensions, creating folders and sub-folders, creating a folder from a program, file paths, saving to external storage.
  1. The Computer
    1. How the computer organizes files
    2. Identifying files by extension
    3. Following paths to locate files
  2. Folders
    1. Create a new folder on the desktop
    2. Naming folders
    3. Deleting folders
    4. Creating sub-folders
    5. Move files between folders on the desktop
    6. Create a new folder from MS Word
    7. Save files in MS Word
    8. Open files from MS Word
  3. Saving to an External Device (Hard-drive, USB Flash drive, CD, DVD)
    1. Opening the External Device from My Computer
    2. Opening the External Device from a program ex: MS Word
    3. Moving files from the computer to the External device
    4. Burning CD’s and DVD’s
  4. Finding Lost Files and Folders
    1. Using the search feature to locate lost files and folders
    2. Advanced searching
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Social media marketing
Day & Time : Any two days of the week.(Monday to Friday) 10:00am to 11:30am
Total Hours : Two 1.5 Hr sessions
Software : Basics
Price : Rs. 1,000/-
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Course Contents :
Getting an account, upload a profile picture, security settings, searching for friends, posting.
  1. Introduction: What is social networking – Helping you decide which social network you would prefer, or you can use all three. The Introduction will give an overview of the three top social networking sites.
    1. Facebook
    2. Myspace
    3. Twitter
  2. Using Facebook
    1. Signing up for a Facebook account
    2. Searching for “Friends”
    3. Facebook settings
    4. Uploading a profile picture
    5. Doing more with Facebook
  3. Using Myspace
    1. Signing up for a Myspace account
    2. Searching for friends in Myspace
    3. Myspace settings
    4. Uploading a profile picture in Myspace
  4. Using Twitter
    1. Signing up for a Twitter account
    2. Searching for friends on Twitter
    3. Twitter settings
    4. Tweeting with Twitter
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Small/Home Business
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Which computer programs do I need to run my small or home based business? You need to organize information, keep your books, manage figures in a spreadsheet, print labels and execute successful mail merges. Maintain a web site and manage content, create slide show presentations for meetings. Keep a calendar, contact list, and mange emails. Create a database that is customized to manage every aspect of your business.
Programs to Choose From :
  1. MS Word - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
  2. MS Excel - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
  3. MS Outlook - Basics
  4. MS Powerpoint - Basics, Intermediate
  5. MS Access – Basics
  6. Tally - basics
Enroll today for 3 classes or more and receive a 10% discount or 15% for 6 classes or more!
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Children's Classes and Tutoring
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We teach your child basic internet skills using fun and children based websites including Disney, Noggin, WebKinz, and many other that will help your child learn how to use the internet in a safe environment. Not to mention that the content of the websites makes it feel like fun to kids instead of just learning, the skills learned here will be invaluable to your child’s ability to search the internet for research, school, and personal use.
Also available for the advancement of your child’s PC skills are many different computer programs from Kid Pix to Reader Rabbit. We have teachers trained to help your child navigating these simple computer programs where they learn the proper use of the mouse, keyboard and how they can interact in a virtual environment. There are literally thousands of different programs to help your child learn how to use the computer. Whether you would like to use a Computer Teach recommended program or go out and buy a program that stars your child’s favorite cartoon character, we can have a teacher there to help in your child’s development.
  1. WebKinz
  2. Yahooligans
  3. Disney
  4. Noggin
  5. Looney Toons
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Student’s Programs
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Graphic Design
Students create original designs that can be used for print or online content using basic elements of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The final project will be a CD containing multiple logo designs and featuring a CD cover created by the student in level one and level two is a poster and mock advertisement design printed out on high quality poster paper. Level one is a total of 6 hours and level 2 is a total of 9 hours. The classes are broken down into one and a half hour blocks.
3D Animation
Students create a 3D Animated film using pre installed characters and objects in the first level of this class. This class gives students a basic understanding on how to animate 3D objects and also modify their basic appearance. The second level offers students the opportunity to create 3D characters, props and environments from scratch and animate them into a short film. The final project is a burnt DVD of students animation playable on any computer or DVD player. Level one is a total of 6 hours and level 2 is a total of 9 hours. The classes are broken down into one and a half hour blocks.
Flash Animation
Students learn how to create 2D animations that will eventually lead into creating interactive Flash Animations in level 1. Level 2 offers student the chance to create interactive Flash Animations that could be used as Web Site Introductions, DVD Menus, and other interactive media formats. A burnt CD containing the short film produced by the student, playable on any computer is the final project. Level one is a total of 6 hours and level 2 is a total of 9 hours. The classes are broken down into one and a half hour blocks.
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Using your computer is important to you. We will teach you how to communicate with your family and friends, access your digital photos and manage your finances. It's time to get comfortable with your computer!
  1. Computer basics
  2. Internet & Email Basics
  3. MS Word Basics 2007
If you want the basics of the computer AND digital photos plus MS Excel for financial tasks, try our more comprehensive second package.
  1. Computer Basics
  2. Internet & Email Basics
  3. MS Word Basics 2007
  4. Digital Camera Basics
  5. Picasa Picture Editing
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Computer Repair & Maintainance
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Pre-Buy Service
At Arete, we know not everyone has the time and energy to put into figuring out which computer is right for them, that's why we offer our Pre-Buy Service. We will analyse your requirement and give you consultation on what configuration to go in for before you go ahead to buy a PC/ laptop for yourself. We also configure a system that meets all of your needs at the best price possible. You can call our executive on +91 22 27814122 to discuss some options, we will show you the differences between Macs and Windows based machines and let you know what would work best for you. We can also visit your home or business and help you from there or the easiest method is to converse over the phone or through e-mail. No matter how you decide to go about it though we will be the one's taking the time to speak with representatives from whatever brand computer you choose and submit the order to be delivered to your home or office.

What our Pre-Buy Service includes:
  1. Detailed explanations concerning the differences between specific computer models you may be interested in.
  2. Personally configured computer specifications based on what you tell us is your greatest needs.
  3. Our guarantee that the computer we buy for you is at the best deal possible.
  4. One of our staff will take the time to submit your order for you so you don't have to spend your free time waiting on hold for a representative to speak to.
  5. Door to door shipment of your computer straight to your home or business.
Once your computer arrives we also offer new system set-ups, optimization, software and hardware installation and many other services that will not only last the life time of your computer but will increase your computers life expectancy.
So if you are in need of a new computer but just don't have the time to figure out what system is right for you, don't worry we are here to take all of the hassle out of purchasing a new PC.

New Setups & Networking:
You just purchased a brand new computer, but who is going to set it up for you? We do that for you at Arete. We can set up, repair and troubleshoot any technology from Pc’s to laptops. Nobody responds faster or more successfully than when you bring your technology problems to us.
  1. New Computer Setup
  2. Wireless/Wired Router Setup
  3. Printers
  4. Scanners
  5. Memory Upgrades
  6. Data Backup
  7. CD/DVD Drive installation
  8. Software Installation
  9. Printer Sharing between multiple computers
  10. Internet Sharing between multiple computers
  11. Operating System Optimization
  12. File and Folder Management
  13. Network Setup/Troubleshooting

Virus/Spyware Removal & Repair:
You don't know why your computer has stopped working, but something is definitely wrong. Programs aren't running, files aren't opening or the system may have crashed completely. Maybe your computer is running so slowly it's barely functional. In the worst case, you can't even boot up to your desktop. Your irreplaceable files are all in jeopardy and your work has come to a halt.
Arete can help. Whether it's an operating system corrupted by spyware and viruses or a hardware failure, our expert staff can pick up your computer, repair it and have it back to you as good as new within days. Here's how we resolve even the most severe computer problems.
  1. Pick up your computer (only the tower, power cord and installation CDs are needed).
  2. Diagnose the problem as hardware or software related.
  3. Back up all your files, documents, pictures, favorites, etc.
  4. Make all necessary repairs and upgrades.
  5. Fully update and optimize the operating system for peak performance.
  6. Install security software and settings that will prevent future problems.
  7. Restore all your programs, files, documents, pictures, favorites, etc.
  8. Deliver your computer to you working the way it was when you originally bought it.
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