How to go from local to glocal, digitally?

Glocal, a term that is popular for mixing two worlds of the marketing industry- global and local, is something that firms have tried to achieve time and again. But during a global pandemic, where local businesses are hit by a storm and the uncertainty of the future is killing how companies look at a plausible future, how does one still go glocal? We all know that digital is the way to move ahead now. Be it education, services, lifestyle or even health care, everyone around us is switching to black screens and all firms are now on the world wide web.

So how does one go glocal digitally, after all? Here are some methods you can try:

Local at heart, with a global mindset

Make sure all your permanent posts are focused on the local market. So, posts on Instagram, blogs on your website and posts on Facebook are to be made keeping your immediate surroundings in mind. On the flip side, the temporary ones are targeted at a global audience. Instagram stories, Facebook status updates and Live sessions on YouTube are meant for people from a wider range.

Learn the language

More often than not, firms use the same language on all of their marketing deliverables, making their message seem rather drab and reputative. For an effective deliverable, your business needs to adapt its language with respect to the audience that it is targeted at. For your local customers, use references that they can relate to, like talking about the trends in that area or talking to them about an issue that happened locally. On the other hand, your global audience could use references that are multicultural and diverse.

Empower and encourage

Empower local business to promote their products to global clients. By using the right marketing tools, local firms can reach out to a wider audience with the help of digital marketing. Use digitalization to encourage these firms into marketing their ideas in a more world-y manner so that they not only have a variety of clients and they will be making products that cater to a range of customers.

We at Arete can help you switch to glocal business marketing model steadily and effectively. Hit us up with any doubts and queries you have got, and we shall make sure to promptly respond. Can you think of more ways to go glocal digitally?

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