The hashtag guide for all of social media

It’s been drilled into our system that hashtags are the way to go for any marketing on social media. However, how does one create hashtags for every single social media account on a daily basis? How do we make new ones for each product or service that we launch? Should we be changing hashtags every other day? Don’t you worry, we have it all covered here. So let us begin:

Before we dwell on what should be done for each social media, here are some hashtag generators. They help you come up with hashtags for your image, and you may or may not use all of them. We suggest that you use 20 out of the 30 hashtags, and as far as the rest are concerned, you can add them based on the post. 

  • Hashatit11: A free tool that allows you to search any hashtag and then use it for your social media accounts.
  • Findgram3: This is a free tool, which allows you to search hashtags and usernames on Instagram.
  • Tagboard: This tool provides you with a more extensive view when you search for hashtags. For example, it will clarify whether the tag was either positive, negative, or even neutral to use.
  • This site provides a visual representation of the hashtag, and its top influencers. You can find trending hashtags in your niche using this tool.

 Hashtagging for each social media account

  • Twitter

If you’re new to Twitter, you can simply begin searching for tags from the search bar on the top right-hand corner of your screen. This search will let you know what people are using and give you a fair idea of the hashtag. 

The other way to find hashtags is to look for tweets with keywords. You can do this under ” advanced search.”

This is an efficient way to improve your tags to those that are relevant and also have traction. 

Additionally, You may also see the trending Hashtags on the left side of your Twitter news feed. 

  • Facebook:

There are two ways to go about hashtags on Facebook as well. The first one is just like Twitter. You can look for hashtags using the Facebook search box in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

For trending and content specific hashtags, go to the right side of your screen, where you’ll find a couple of trending tags. These tags are based on the information Facebook receives from your timelines, pages you have liked and your location. 

  • Instagram:

On the Instagram app, you will find a search bar on the left side of the screen camera touch button. You can browse through the search option, the posts, and stories posted on Instagram using Hashtags. 

To look for trending hashtags, then the right way is to look at Instagram’s Explore tab. Here you will find the trending tags and the posts that are liked by a huge number of people in the Instagram community. When you search for hashtags in the search bar, you will also see the number of people using the specific hashtag, allowing you to identify the most popular one. 

  • Pinterest

Just Like other social media platforms, Pinterest also provides you the ability to put your query into the search box directly.  

When you search a hashtag or pins with similar keywords in the description while posting your pin, the same term in the photo, URL, product page, or name tied to the pin will be shown by Pinterest. 

  • YouTube

Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube doesn’t have a search bar for hashtags. You may find them in the comments section instead. Try searching for videos related to your video’s topic to see which hashtags appear to be trending. 


So these are some ways in which you can know what hashtags are trending on each social media platform. Stay tuned for more such tips and tricks!

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