Our team list 2

  • Hasanthi Duvvuri

    Communication Strategist
    Hasanthi Duvvuri has a flair for writing and is actively involved in managing the content writing and...
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  • Shraddha Sonawane

    Digital Marketing Executive
    Shraddha has a flair for Digital Marketing strategy and handles the social Media handles our clients....
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  • Sreela Ginesh Pillai

    Web Developer
    She brings wit her immense experience as a wordpress developer. Se has a knack for detail and patience...
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  • Padmaja Duvvuri

    Chief Executive Officer
    She is solutions visionary, a Business Coach and a serial Entrepreneur. She is style and substance both...
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We are looking for proactive professionals with extensive business expertise and a high level of personal involvement to join our team. Send your CV now.